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Traditional books have been the norm for a long time. Readers enjoyed immersing themselves in stories written on sheets of paper bound together in a book, holding a cup of their favorite beverage in their hand.

But with the rapid advancement of technology and the internet, everything has become digital now. People have smartphones and Wi-Fi and in such a digital age, fanatic readers are becoming more and more drawn to a new era of fascinating stories.

Web novels!

Work has gotten so busier nowadays that people often don't get the luxury to buy a book from the store. But everybody has a phone with a 4G connection ready, which makes reading web novels immensely popular and convenient for millions of readers.

What started as translating a few handfuls of novels written by Chinese authors for the outside world is now a multi-billion-dollar industry spreading far and wide and reaching readers around the globe.

So, what is a web novel?

Different from traditional books, a web novel is a story published online which is available on the internet.

You just download the app or visit the website where the story is hosted and ta-dah!

Thousands of web novels will be waiting for you!

Reading a traditional book and a web novel are two very distinct experiences. For starters, you consume the whole traditional book at once when you pay for it. But with web novels, you pay as you read the content. The author is writing the story as you are reading the chapters. The readers and authors are on the same page, which gives a fantastic opportunity for readers to connect with their favorite authors.

Diving more into it, web novel authors publish 1000 to 3000 words on average every day. You log onto the app and pay for the latest chapters, relishing the reading experience every single day! The anticipation for the next day's update makes it even more worth it. Amazing, isn't it?

But hold on. There is more to come!

Web novels are more appealing because the story can go as far as 1000 chapters or even more! It's like a bottomless pit of enjoyment and thrill. Not only that, but you feel connected to the characters of the story at a deeper level. Why?

Because of conflicts!

Any story is incomplete without a conflict and an antagonist. Web novel is the same but with a twist. A web novel is a series of interconnected and complex subplots, riveting enough for the readers to make them keep swiping up for the next chapter. Instead of a single conflict in a typical traditional book, web novels consist of a plethora of distinct problems that the main characters have to overcome to reach their goal.

Whether it's finding love or exploring a fantasy dungeon or gaining a system to become an overpowered hero - the conflicts just keep on adding stakes for the characters, and avid book lovers simply love action, don't they?

Okay, so everything until nowhere was from a reader's point of view.

But what about the creators who write these wonderful stories?

A web novel is super beneficial for the writers too! Web novels' fanbase is ever increasing and expanding, and authors with such a massive reader base are willing to pay which provides a great source of income for the writers. The price of each chapter is usually less than a dollar but combined with the enormous reader base and hundreds of chapters in a single novel, the profits an author receives can be comparable to a month's income from a regular day job.

Becoming a web novel writer is easier than a traditional author as the former is more convenient to simply create an account on an app and start your writing journey with just a few clicks. Since the process is easier, more and more people with a passion to write like students, housewives or even office workers opt for writing web novels as a hobby or a second income source.

The other advantage is that most web novel writers are people who have regular day jobs and they also earn while writing web novels. And what can be more fulfilling for anybody to earn money while doing the work they like the most?

It's a great world for web novel authors to write their beloved stories every day and have a few precious hours of the day devoting to their passion and simply relaxing by doing what they love.

And of course, interacting with their readers and fans who support and shower their novels with love is just a cherry on top of the cake!

The moral of the story as with any story out there, whether traditional or web novel, is that web novels are an excellent platform, giving benefits and satisfaction to both readers and authors in a simple yet sophisticated way in this ever-growing digital world.

This article's author is enthu_reader.

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