About Me

Flow07 is a web novel author, also known as the Happy-go-lucky Author. She started writing books so that she could earn enough to study and fulfill her dream. She was almost forced to get married but she was able to stop it. Now, writing stories supports her to reach her goal.


The first-ever web novel she wrote was Handsome CEO’s Darling Wife. The next books are My Wife is a Goddess: 99 Secret Kisses, My Beloved, and Tangled by Fate. They are all on Webnovel. There are other books of hers, such as – Misty Man, Infatuation, Love for the Shooting Star, Action & Seduction. These books are available on her Patreon page.


The Happy-go-lucky author mostly writes romance fiction. Some of her works are related to magic and fantasy. Most of her books are modern genre but some of them are historical.


Enjoy her books. Drown yourself in her world and forget about reality.