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Only You

Updated: Jun 12, 2022

Is there something called ‘a second chance’? If there is, it must be great.

Li Shen has lost the woman she loved to another man thanks to his mother’s conspiracy.

Now he regrets and laments but he can do nothing. He is going crazy just from thinking he can’t have her.

‘I’ve made her suffer. I cannot let that repeat again. If I only had a second chance’ – just as he has thought, he notices an article about the time machine.

And then, he comes up with a brilliant idea.

A time machine can change everything!

A second chance he is hoping for!

He forgets about his company and looks for the most intelligent scientist who can help him to make a time machine for him. Later, he finds a mad scientist who is making a time machine to become the most famous scientist in the world.

Li Shen hires him.

It has taken months to finish the time machine.

Li Shen turns on the time machine.

Can he do it? Can he go back to the time when he met the lovely Hua Lan who fell for him at first sight?

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