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About Flow07

Flow07 is a web novel author, also known as the Happy-go-lucky Author. She started writing books so that she could earn enough to study and fulfill her dream. She was almost forced to get married but she was able to stop it. Now, writing stories supports her to reach her goal.


She finally succeeded in going abroad and studying undergrad in Psychology. She is loving exploring a new subject that is all about human emotions and behaviors.

Flow07 said, “It’s more interesting than studying literature and critically analyzing something that couldn’t be correct. As an author, I write for readers to enjoy my books in their boredom, not to critically analyze them and come up with symbolic meanings. I think many authors also think like that. I like to enjoy reading, not critically analyzing it. The only reason my parents pushed me to study English Literature is so that I can become an English teacher. However, that career isn’t for me. I find Psychology more interesting. And I want to be someone who inspires students to follow their dreams. No matter how your life is, don’t choose to destroy your life. Be patient and persistent in your dream. Set goals and follow the steps and finally reach your destination. It took me 5 years of hard work and patience to go abroad. I paid for my tuition. If I can do that, so can you. The best part of being a human is you can make the impossible possible with your will, wit, work.”


Aside from writing books, Flow07 is good at drawing, painting, photo editing and photography. Making videos, listening to classical music and anime-Disney songs, and reading story books, comics, web novels are her favorite pastime activities. She is used to performing on stage such as dancing, acting, and singing. Singing songs and, playing piano and harmonium are something she avoids in public.



The first-ever web novel she wrote was Handsome CEO’s Darling Wife at the age of 22. The next books are My Wife is a Goddess: 99 Secret Kisses, My Beloved, and Tangled by Fate. They are all on Webnovel. There are other books of hers, such as – Misty Man, Infatuation, Love for the Shooting Star, Action & Seduction. These books are available on her Patreon page.


The Happy-go-lucky author mostly writes romance fiction. Some of her works are related to magic and fantasy. Most of her books are modern genre but some of them are historical.


Enjoy her books. Drown yourself in her world and forget about reality.

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