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Time to Change My Destiny

Everyone has their own dreams. Some can fulfill them, some cannot, some don’t care whether they can fulfill their dreams or not.

I have my dreams. And like everyone else, I have my difficulties. But I’m changing my destiny. I have my own goals that I want to accomplish. But for that, I need to study a lot, I need to go to a certain position to get everyone’s attention, I need to work hard, I need lots of money and more importantly, I need freedom.

Freedom is something that I have been craving since I’m 5 years old. I always wanted to do something, but I couldn’t because of my family. I felt so powerless. At that tie, I decided that no matter what, I will gain my freedom.

My parents saw that day by day, I’m becoming so unruly. Too bad, I don’t mind becoming one. I always want to learn the things I never knew before, I always want to go the places I have never been before, I always want to do things I have never done before. Everything I want to do, for my betterment. To develop myself. I don’t know if those learning will ever help me in the future, however, I know one thing, and that is, “Good learning never disappoints.”

When I’m craving for my freedom, my parents were frightened. They felt that their little girl who is 18+ would turn out someone they never wish her to become. They thought that she might become different from the rest of the girls. They felt that she wouldn’t finish her study in her own country, wouldn’t marry and have children.

That’s the complete opposite of what I have wished for. It’s a nightmare if I imagine myself the way they want my life to lead.

So, we argued and which turned into a huge fight. My father angrily said, “If you want to live in your way, get out of the house.”

Wow! That was a very strong sentence. I must say that I was scared. I didn’t have that much money. How am I supposed to get out of the house and have my freedom? Thanks to my father, my eyes were opened that day.

For a South Asian girl, without family support dreaming for freedom is sure a fantasy.

Fortunately, I wasn’t alone. I had many people to support me emotionally who didn’t have any blood relation with me.

At that time, I was working under an NGO for two years as a volunteer. The people are their very positive thinkers, tolerant and good listeners. The people there worked hard and achieved their goals when the whole world was against them. There are many things I learned from them and a simple “Thank you” will never be sufficient.

They changed my life for good.

How? I’m letting you know.

I called my Boss when my father told me to get out of the house. The next day, I went to the office and Boss was busy. Still, he gave me time and told me to find something that I can do.

From this organization, I learned ‘KNOW THYSELF’. In the office, I was making my own list, my Strength/ I Know What I Know.

I know dancing, singing, drawing, painting, playing piano, reciting poems, acting, cooking, and whatnot.

Suddenly something crossed my mind. I have good imaginations skill. I used to write poems, stories, and journals when I was young. I stopped writing since my mother used to read my secrets and bash me afterward. (I had no privacy at home which I wanted.)

But now that I need money, I don’t mind people learning a little bit about myself. I need them to know. I want them, those parents who never asked their children where their happiness lies and shoved their dreams to their children, I want those who lost their hopes to continue struggling for their freedom and dreams. I want them to know my life and the way I’m fighting for my freedom.

I want them to know so that they don’t lose their focus and fight for their dreams and freedom with what they have left. I want to give them the opportunity to have a beautiful relationship with their children which I don’t have.

I found the idea and told my boss that I want to write stories.

Those stories will take the people to the world of fantasy and make them forget the harsh reality of their lives, and at the same time, they will be able to learn something from the stories so that they can get all fried up to fight for their happiness, their dreams, their freedom.

They lost hope? I will give them hope. They lost motivation? I will give it to them.

That day, I started to write on a website where I read many stories. I love reading and I have seen that website had an advertisement like they were hiring new writers and they would pay for their works. Since my imagination runs wild all the time, I already had a few plots in my head and I started to write. With lots of mistakes, my story went on.

It was unbelievable that this story become the top 4 on that website in 5 months. For that reason, I was invited to China for the Chinese Literature Award program. Though I wasn’t the one who got the prize but look, this is huge for me. And also, my first income was USD 1000.

Simply unimaginable.

I went to China and went to meet the new friends I got. They are friendly and supportive.

I’m earning to support myself. I’m earning to study abroad. My dream to travel all around the world is coming true. Everything is going smoothly.

My beloved Readers support me a lot. Especially their comments, emails, and reviews where they tell me that my life story is changing their lives. This is the greatest support I can ever have.

I support them and they support me.

Well, I will continue my journey.

This is just the beginning.

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