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My Wife is a Goddess: 99 Secret Kisses

Updated: Jun 12, 2022

Forced to marry but picked the husband herself.

He praised her, “Wifey, you are a genius!”

She coughed to hide her embarrassment. “Of course, I am. But hey, don’t call me ‘wifey’. It sounds so weird.”

He smiled calmly and pulled her closer. “If I don’t call my beloved my wife ‘wifey’ then whom should I call ‘wifey’? I don’t want my wifey to get jealous…”

“I won’t be jealous. Cross my heart and hope to die.” She struggled to move away from him. His close proximity was making her heart race. She couldn't understand how he could speak like that with his calm and collected appearance.

“Wifey, don’t say such ominous words. Let me give you something that will make you feel better.” He hugged her warmly and planted a soft kiss on her nape.

She almost jumped feeling that sensation. “Eek! Don’t do something so shameless!” Her face instantly turned red.

“Wifey, I love you…” Ignoring her pretest, he kissed her again.

“Mm! I said don’t do this!”

If this continues, she will lose all her reasoning and melt like water.

When the first time they had met in the bar she avoided him like a plague, even though she was drunk.

The second time they had met was at a birthday party. She protected him and stood between a gun and him, thinking that he was just an innocent bodyguard.

The third time they had met was in a garage. She trembled in fear as she faced a terrorist; however, she did not back down.

He found her intriguing, but she found freedom intriguing.

Even still, her hope for freedom was torn when she had to return to China, only to be met with a family threat to get married. He saw this as his chance and seized her – his soon-to-be sister-in-law – from this marriage. He made her his bride.

When they agreed to get married, she thought that he was just a simple bodyguard, and he thought that she was just a simple psychiatrist. But things changed soon after that.

He noticed how she was different from others. He noticed how she avoided him like a plague. That's why he secretly created a honey trap for her.

Serious and stoic Xue Lin has fallen right into her husband's sweet trap. Will she be able to understand his feelings and accept him?

The book is only available on Webnovel.

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